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Here at Consummate Marketers we specialize in online marketing. We started as affiliate marketers putting our own money on the line to promote various products & services. In our first year of business we turned a modest $120 budget into over a $1 Million in revenue. Our focus now is on using our experience to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and other affiliate marketers achieve more success with their campaigns.


Done-For-You Marketing
Done For You Marketing

We offer a complete done-for-you system which features the following:

  • Analysis of your existing marketing efforts
  • Recommendations to increase customer conversions.
  • Setting up your new online campaigns
  • On going maintenance for all your campaigns


Business Consulting
Private Consulting

Our business consulting service is designed to give you personalized assistance on an ongoing basis.

We’ll work with you to identify any issues currently affecting your marketing campaigns and help you develop solutions to improve your results, increase your ROI and maximize your profits.

Online Marketing Training
Online Marketing Training

These courses cover the most effective marketing principles and strategies which have helped thousands of people generate millions in both income and revenue.

They’re ideal for:

  • Small business owners
  • Experienced affiliate marketers
  • Entrepreneurs.


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